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I have extensive vegetable growing experience and can help, advise, or setup the growing of any fruit or vegetable that is possible to grow in this country. When it comes to fruit & vegetable I try to encourage the use of environmentally friendly methods, without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

Whether you want a small vegetable patch or a miniature farm, I am available to help. I can plant the seeds, advise on how to do so, or provide you with the plants you would like, as well as maintaining and feeding the plants to ensure the best harvest. I can also offer advise on which varieties to grow for the requirements that suit your needs, whether you want to find the sweetest tomato, the most colourful carrot, or the vegetable that provides the most food per square metre.

As well as being available to offer help with growing, if you would not like in-person advice, I offer a separate subscription service for year round online advise through text or email, this entitles you to ask as many questions as you like and will guide you through the whole process of growing your own food, from seed to harvest. With growing plans to provide year-round harvests.

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If you need help with growing fruit or vegetables, would like to start your own vegetable garden, or would like me to create and maintain a vegetable garden for you, please enquire

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